Western Sydney Hailstorm 14th October 2021

Northwest and western Sydney was impacted by a tornado warned intense supercell hailstorm on Thursday 14th March 2021. Emerging from the Colo region, it passed through Londonderry and Richmond and tracked through Marsden Park and Schofields and Quakers Hill through to Marayong, Parklea and Blacktown vicinity. Hail to the size of golf balls and some larger devastated numerous suburbs damaging vehicles stuck in rush hour. The fast movement of the hailstorm in some cases meant hail damage was not as severe except in the southern portion of the hailstorm where hail drifts occurred.

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Paintless Dent Repairs

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal

There are quite a few types of Rapid Repair business concepts: it may be repairs of mobile phones and other electronic items, repairs by handy man or automobile repairs.

In terms of the automobile repair industry, such repair shops are now prevalent in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as other cities. In the cases of one chain or rapid repair, they take up the work that is less than a specific $ value. If it is deemed too difficult or too expensive, the insurance companies will require vehicles repaired on other repair facilities. One advantage of having the vehicle repaired in these facilities are instant authorisation and not having to wait for an assessor.  Disadvantages? The quality of the repair depends on the experience of the specific workers involved and perhaps time required to cure the process such as painting. Paintless dent repair is not as crucial on timing per se but still requires more experienced PDR technicians to ensure quality of the workmanship.